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The Importance Of Exercise For Older Loved Ones

During the late stages of life, many people feel discouraged when getting involved in fitness because they are concerned about injury, falls, or chronic health conditions. Here are some tips on how to get your loved one/patient started in reaping the rewards of safe exercise. No matter what age, adding activity and movement into his/her […]

3 Tips For Caring For Someone Who’s On Hospice

There will come a time when your loved one/patient may develop a serious illness such as lung, heart, or kidney diseases, Alzheimer’s, various types of dementias, stroke, neuromuscular disease, or some other terminal illness.  When efforts to cure these illnesses are no longer working or have become harmful instead of being helpful, it may be […]

3 Tips When Caring For Someone With Alzheimer’s

How to recognize a patient who may have Alzheimer’s You may notice your Mom or Dad is frequently forgetting new information, getting confused with normal everyday functions, becoming overly suspicious or confused, afraid, or dependent, or a lack of interest in usual activities, unusual bouts of anger, or rapid mood swings. Below are some tips of […]

Help! My Mom Was Just Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

It’s the last piece of news you wanted to hear when sitting with your Mom at the doctor as He delicately explains how her confusion and slight memory loss are the signs and symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease. Your arm is already around her as you pull her in even tighter trying to be strong […]

5 Biggest Reasons Why In-Home Care Makes Sense

Top Five Reasons to Choose In-Home Care by Shannon Dauphin Choosing in-home care might be the best choice for you or your loved one–but how do you know for sure? This quick primer on in-home care can help you make that very important decision. Seniors sometimes need a bit of help. Whether that means simple […]

Our ‘Total Care’ Philosophy In The World Of Caregiving

Over the years, we have had the privilege of providing care for hundreds of clients. We’ve received dozens of Thank-you cards, notes, and words of appreciation for the care we have provided loved ones and their families. Most of the time, we are entering our clients’ lives in the moments where they find themselves the […]

Home Care Industry Is Booming, And So Is Regulation

Home Care’s Booming, and So Is Regulation As services for seniors expand, entrepreneurs are preparing for more scrutiny from regulators By John Tozzi As the first baby boomers turn 65 this year, entrepreneurs see opportunity. The number of companies providing home health care or services such as assistance in dressing, bathing, and cooking increased by […]

Total Care Connections Featured On PBS Television

June, 1, 2011: Total Care Connections featured on PBS:

Daniel Stringer Semi-Finalist For ‘Up And Comer’ List

March 11, 2011: Daniel Stringer named as semi-finalist for Inside Tucson Business’ “Up and Comer” list:

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