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When a family chooses Total Care Connections to care for their loved one, they receive peace of mind knowing that their mom or dad or grandparent is being taken care of by trained caregivers and nurses up to 24 hours/day. Our care management team makes sure that the client has everything they need from coordinating doctor’s appointments, medication management, and ensuring the home is stocked with groceries and any other necessities they might need to thrive. Our caregivers provide everything from hands-on care to housekeeping, errands, and meal preparation. 

Without Total Care Connections, the alternative is often assisted living or a nursing home. This means a loved one is moving out of their home and into an institutional type setting. We’ve found that people thrive when they’re able to age-in-place in their own home. With Total Care Connections, you can do that and not simply survive, but thrive and enjoy the latter years of life. 

Daniel and Dani Stringer of Total Care Connections

Meet our

Meet Katherene! She is the Executive Director of Total Care Connections and leads our teams across all offices of Total Care Connections.

Daniel Stringer

The Founders

Daniel & Danielle Stringer

Total Care Connections was founded in 2009 by Daniel Stringer. At that time, the economy was reeling from the stock market crash in 2008 and the outlook for many startups and small businesses was uncertain. In the midst of that, the home care industry in Arizona was fragmented and lacking innovation. TCC was born out of the vision to provide a higher quality of care utilizing technology to provide accountability and transparency for families. 

To this day, Total Care Connections is one of a few companies in the home care industry to conduct monthly background checks of employees. We wanted to build a company where sons, daughters, and family members caring for their loved ones could put their trust in a team that would take care of their mom or dad just as they would. Out of this vision, we’ve had the privilege of caring for thousands of people across Arizona and now, in Colorado, and hundreds of jobs have been created.

Just a few years into the start-up of TCC, Daniel met his beautiful bride, Dani. Dani had been building her career as a nurse practitioner and helped run and grow a pediatric practice to several thousand patients. She actually still holds the informal title of “Youngest Nurse Practitioner in Arizona” having graduated with her Master’s Degree in Nursing at the age of 18. They were the perfect match in many ways but soon after they married in 2012, Dani became the Director of Nursing and co-owns Total Care Connections with Daniel and has since built the company’s private nursing division. Her passion has always been to elevate patient care and quality and has been an instrumental part of taking the quality of Total Care Connections to the next level.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the beginning but the story of Total Care Connections has just begun. Our mission is to be there for families when they need us most and to serve the many thousands of people who need care throughout the southwest.

Danielle Stringer


The Leadership Team

Our team consists of passionate and highly trained individuals dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible care.

Daniel Stringer
Director of Business Development
Katherene Watkins
Executive Director
Elizabeth Dyckman
Director of Human Resources
Dani Stringer
Director of Nursing

Our Values

Your loved ones well-being is important to us. Here’s how we ensure we deliver the best possible care to our clients.

Servant Leader

Service Oriented. Compassionate. Equity. Extraordinary Love. Takes Initiative. Humility

Can Do Spirit

Flexible. Optimistic. Fun. Joyful. Relentless. Commitment to Creating Value. Grit. Resiliant.

Commitment to the Extraordinary

Professional. Reliable. Do What You Say. Honest. Committed. Does The Right Thing. Integrity. Goes Above and Beyond. 


Genuine. Speaks Truth. Humbly Confident. 

Radical Generosity

Help First. Encouraging. Uplifting. Respectful of Others. Selfless.

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