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8 Best (Top) Home Care Agencies in Colorado Springs, CO

For most seniors, staying at home for as long as possible is the ultimate aging goal. Home care services can provide the support these older adults need to remain healthy and independent while staying in the home they prefer and love. However, how can you know which home care agencies in Colorado Springs is best […]

Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Companionship Visits

If your senior loved one lives at home alone, or lives at home with a partner, they are at an increased risk of feeling lonely. While it can be sad to think that your loved one is feeling lonesome, there is also research that demonstrates that loneliness can lead to serious negative health outcomes in […]

Senior Nutrition at Home

March is National Nutrition Month and for seniors, it’s the perfect time of year to review their nutrition habits and challenges. It’s reported that only 17% of older adults eat a “good” quality diet, which is far below their younger peers. There are a variety of reasons why seniors can struggle with proper nutrition, as […]

Questions to Ask When Searching for Home Care in Arizona

Searching for a home care agency in Arizona can feel like an overwhelming task. A quick internet search brings up a list of agencies, but how can you be sure you are making the right decision? Here are a few questions to ask yourself, and potential agencies, as you make your final choice. Ask Yourself: […]

Heart Health at Home

February is a month to celebrate all things heart-related, thanks to Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month. Since your risk of heart disease increases rapidly with age, it’s never too late to start habits that can keep you healthy. Here are a few tips for making heart health a priority in your regular routines. Eat […]

Staying Safe and Healthy During COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, life hasn’t quite looked the same. We have all had to make adjustments to our routines due to health guidance as well as learn to be flexible as the medical community has learned more about the virus. One thing has remained certain here at Total Care Connections: […]

Starting the Conversation About Home Care Services in Arizona

When you visited your aging loved one over the holiday season, or when you caught up via video call to celebrate, did you find yourself feeling a bit worried or concerned? You aren’t alone. Here at Total Care Connections, we often hear from family members after the holidays who are a bit worried after noticing […]

Helping Seniors Prepare for a Successful Recovery After Hospital Discharge

When someone is discharged from the hospital, it means that their doctor has determined that they have recovered enough to no longer need hospital-level care.  This does not always mean that they are fully recovered.  They may still require extra care for weeks, or even months, after discharge.  This may result in a short stay […]

7 Ways to Introduce In-Home Care to Seniors When They are Resistant to Care

Could your aging loved one use some assistance with their activities of daily living but does not want to admit it? Seniors often will not admit that they need help, even if they are struggling with everyday tasks.  Receiving care can be a very sensitive subject making your loved one resistant to the idea.  Here […]

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