Giving Back: Total Care Connections’ Commitment to Radical Generosity

At Total Care Connections, we believe in the transformative power of radical generosity. Giving back is ingrained in our mission; it is more than just a corporate responsibility — it’s a heartfelt commitment to enrich and empower the communities we serve. As we grow and make our mark in the world of home care, we’re equally committed to making a positive impact on the world around us.

It all begins with home, and our family at Total Care Connections. We’re proud to introduce the Total Care Grant Circle, an employee relief fund designed to provide a helping hand during unforeseen emergencies. These grants – a helping hand that need not be repaid – ensure that up to $1000 per year is available to each employee in need. This initiative strengthens our community from within, fostering a culture of support and care that extends far beyond our office walls.

In our quest to touch lives, we’ve partnered with Care Portal, an initiative that responds to the needs of children in our community. Care Portal allows organizations like ours to provide essential items – be it a bed for a child or furniture for a single mother starting anew. Through this partnership, we’re helping to write stories of new beginnings and answered prayers, securing the well-being of children and the empowerment of families.

Our hearts don’t stop at our borders; they extend to the far corners of the planet with Casas Por Cristo. This incredible organization rallies volunteers to build homes for families in Mexico and beyond. With every brick laid and every house completed, we’re contributing to the provision of safe, loving homes, sowing seeds of hope and stability across communities.

We are at the forefront of a significant educational shift in Arizona with Higher Ground and the full-service Community Schools Model, Restart SMART. From stabilizing basic needs to nurturing life skills, our collaborative drive with Higher Ground aims to foster individual and community success. This partnership represents our resolve to witness neighborhoods flourish, better student outcomes, and fortified, happier families.

The right to education is a cause we hold close to our hearts. Partnering with TOPs for Kids, we’re enabling children and families to overcome financial hurdles and choose the education they dream of. By providing Arizona tuition scholarships, we’re not just opening school doors; we’re unlocking potential, one child at a time.

Arizona 1.27 is a charity devoted to transforming the lives of children in foster care. Arizona 1.27’s unique model not only recruits and develops compassionate foster and adoptive families but also nourishes them with a nurturing community network. This charity’s commitment to creating holistic and sustainable family environments aligns with our values of fostering health and humanity on every level.

In the spirit of radical generosity, Total Care Connections invites you to join us as we extend our hands and hearts. Together, we can transform generosity into action and make tangible differences in the lives of many. Because when we give back, we move forward — as a company, a community, and as compassionate individuals.

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