All-Inclusive VIP Care Program

Our All-Inclusive VIP Care Program is designed to meet every need that you may have to age in place in your home. Our team of care managers, licensed nurses, and trained caregivers work together to provide a complete solution including personal care, household management, shopping, scheduling of medical appointments, supply management, medication management, and more.

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Complete Care Solution

Most home care agencies only provide 1 piece of the overall puzzle that is needed to successfully thrive in your home when medical complexities are present. For our clients and families who need assistance beyond just having a caregiver scheduled for a few hours at a time, our All-Inclusive VIP Care Program is designed for you.

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Initial Assessment

It all begins with our complimentary in-home assessment. One of our Care Coordinators will meet with you and your family to gain a full understanding of your medical, personal, and household needs. From there, a detailed care plan can be developed to include all of our included services.

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Medical & Care Management

Our care management team can take care of all of the details from attending doctor’s appointments, scheduling follow-up visits, re-fill prescriptions, and report back to the family giving you peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands.

24/7 Caregiver Staffing

Our team of nearly 400 certified caregivers will be uniquely selected to fit your personal and physical care needs. We will build a care schedule that meets your requirements up to 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

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Private Nursing Care

In addition to our team of certified caregivers, our licensed nursing team is made up of some of the most compassionate nurses in the industry. This level of care is perfect for our clients whose care needs are more complex or who simply prefer having licensed professionals on their care team.

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In-Home Medical Management

Our private nursing team is dedicated in keeping you from requiring long-term hospital stays or placement in a skilled nursing facility. This includes medication management, I/V administration, pain management, tube feeding, oxygen, and more.

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Household & Supply Management

Whether it’s assisting your loved one opening the mail, putting together shopping lists, coordinating with outside vendors for home repairs, our team is ready to help with anything that comes up to ensure your loved one is safe and sound at home.

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Cooking & Meal Preparation

From menu planning to cooking your favorite dishes, our caregivers are ready to meet your dietary needs.

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Shopping & Errands

Our team is fully insured and trained to safely provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands and outings.

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One of the greatest sources of encouragement can be a compassionate person coming alongside to provide uplifting conversation, engaging in fun activities, and bringing positivity to your day. Our caregivers are there not just for your loved one’s physical needs, but there emotional needs as well.

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Long-Term Care Insurance Billing

For our clients with long-term care insurance policies, our team will walk you through the claims process and work with the adjusters to ensure the claim is approved. All billing will be submitted weekly to the insurance company along with detailed care notes to ensure full payment of all claims.

Free Consultation  24/7 

To learn more about our all-inclusive VIP care program, give us a call or click the link below to schedule a complimentary in-home, video, or phone assessment.

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