Staying Safe and Healthy During COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, life hasn’t quite looked the same. We have all had to make adjustments to our routines due to health guidance as well as learn to be flexible as the medical community has learned more about the virus. One thing has remained certain here at Total Care Connections: […]

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Starting the Conversation About Home Care Services in Arizona

When you visited your aging loved one over the holiday season, or when you caught up via video call to celebrate, did you find yourself feeling a bit worried or concerned? You aren’t alone. Here at Total Care Connections, we often hear from family members after the holidays who are a bit worried after noticing […]

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Helping Seniors Prepare for a Successful Recovery After Hospital Discharge

When someone is discharged from the hospital, it means that their doctor has determined that they have recovered enough to no longer need hospital-level care.  This does not always mean that they are fully recovered.  They may still require extra care for weeks, or even months, after discharge.  This may result in a short stay […]

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15 Top (Best) Home Healthcare Agencies in Chandler, Arizona

While there are a number of very good health care agencies in the vicinity of Chandler, Arizona, some provide exceptional service, and have earned the respect and patronage of area patients and their families. The 15 best organizations in the Chandler area are summarized below, in no particular order. Total Care Connections After its initial […]

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