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Help! I am Worried About Mom

One Daughter’s Story: The Moment You Realize Mom Needs Senior Care at Home in Tucscon, AZ It might’ve been early in the morning when the phone rang or later one evening when you stop by to visit, but at some point you may have realized that your mother needs senior care at home. When you […]

Some Exercises Home Care Services in Tucson, AZ May Suggest for the Elderly Patient

Exercising regularly as you grow older is crucial for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Staying active with physical exercise will boost your energy levels, help manage pain or symptoms of certain health conditions, and help the elderly patient maintain their independence. The following are simple and easy exercise suggestions that home care services can […]

Elderly Care in Tuscon, AZ- What is Alzheimer’s Caregiving?

When your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be kind of scary when you don’t know much about the disease and you don’t really know what’s going to be best for your loved one. Your loved one will need some special help during this process. It may become too much for […]

Keeping Our Loved Ones At Home & Thriving

Below I will be touching some useful tips regarding keeping your loved ones home, healthy, and thriving for as long as possible. These things I mention are to prevent possible decline in our loved ones’ health. I feel that if we can keep our loved ones as independent as possible, they will feel better about […]

Safety Tips To Keep Your Loved One Safe

The risk of falling increases as we advance in years. Failure to exercise on a regular basis decreases strength, loss of bone mass,  and results in poor muscle tone and flexibility. The decrease in bone density contributes to falls and results in injuries. A good percentage of those who fall often seem to have another […]

8 Healthy Diet Tips For Your Aging Loved Ones

As our loved ones advance in years, often times they become tired and weak. Over time, making healthy meals and shopping for items that make a good diet becomes taxing physically and a stressful task. It is easier for them to grab a box of ginger snaps to snack on rather than making a good meal. […]

The Importance Of Exercise For Older Loved Ones

During the late stages of life, many people feel discouraged when getting involved in fitness because they are concerned about injury, falls, or chronic health conditions. Here are some tips on how to get your loved one/patient started in reaping the rewards of safe exercise. No matter what age, adding activity and movement into his/her […]

3 Tips For Caring For Someone Who’s On Hospice

There will come a time when your loved one/patient may develop a serious illness such as lung, heart, or kidney diseases, Alzheimer’s, various types of dementias, stroke, neuromuscular disease, or some other terminal illness.  When efforts to cure these illnesses are no longer working or have become harmful instead of being helpful, it may be […]

3 Tips When Caring For Someone With Alzheimer’s

How to recognize a patient who may have Alzheimer’s You may notice your Mom or Dad is frequently forgetting new information, getting confused with normal everyday functions, becoming overly suspicious or confused, afraid, or dependent, or a lack of interest in usual activities, unusual bouts of anger, or rapid mood swings. Below are some tips of […]

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