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Medication is a daily part of most senior’s life in America. More than 3.5 billion prescriptions are written in the Unites States in a year. Older adults make up about 13% of our population but account for 34% of prescription drugs being used. Also, many times patients are using more than one prescription at one time. This can get complicated for many seniors and can be dangerous when not properly managed. Follow these easy steps to make a large impact on medication management.

  1. Be Consistent – Pick a time or multiple times throughout the day when medication should be taken. For example, at meal times or before brushing your teeth. This helps to avoid forgetting a dose.
  1. Label in Large Font – With a simple request, pharmacists will print labels for you in larger, easier to read fonts. This helps to avoid taking the wrong pill at the wrong time
  1. Keep a List – Write a checklist of all medication being used, what the dosage is, what it looks like, what it is prescribed for, and any other notes that may be helpful. This will be helpful for you or your loved one to reference when taking the medicine, but also to give to your doctor as a medical history.
  1. Stick to the Time Table Prescribed – Dates are important when it comes to medicine. Don’t start or even stop taking a prescription before consulting with your doctor first. Even if you are feeling better, stick to the plan that the doctor ordered or communicate with him for direction to a new plan.
  1. Stay Ahead of Refills – Make reminders for yourself or your loved one to refill the prescription before it runs out.
  1. Seek Additional Help – Homecare or Assisted Living is available to help with medicine management and can sometimes play a key factor in continued health.

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