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The brain is central to every system of the body and plays an important role in every function. It’s therefore understandable that rehabilitation of a neuro-related condition requires a special kind of care, whether that condition is the result of injury or trauma, of a neurological birth defect, or of some kind of disease or disorder of the nervous system.

These conditions can often cause problems with movement, speech, and sometimes even mental function. Neurorehabilitation seeks to reduce these symptoms and restore normal function, but it requires patience and dedication on the part of the caregiver.

In many situations in the past, neurorehabilitation required a patient to stay in an institutionalized setting. That’s not the case anymore. Our team of caregivers and nurses can provide the care that patients need to thrive in their home setting.

Our team offers:

With our team offering the specialized care a neurorehabilitation patient needs, the recovery process becomes an empowering one, where stress and frustration are assuaged and every small victory is celebrated.

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