Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery for the Elderly

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery for the Elderly

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Osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of pain for many seniors today. Advancements in elderly care at home provisions make joint replacement surgery more viable for those living independently or with family. Though the leading benefit of the surgery is relief from constant pain, there are other advantages to having a knee, hip or other joints replaced.

Avoiding or prolonging the surgery can cause the condition to worsen with time, which can make the healing process more difficult. Understanding the process and how the surgery could change your daily living are the first steps in preparing to alleviate the pain and return to life with less limitations. Following the surgery, there are medical professionals or companions that offer elderly care at home services to assist with things around the house and other tasks for those who need it.

A Technical Term with the Tender Approach

Ask a person why they don’t want to have surgery, and the list could go on and on. While some of the reasons are genuinely valid, many of them are fueled by fear. Though you should always weigh your options and understand the risks prior to undergoing any type of surgery, most joint replacements are more technical sounding than they really are. In fact, the approach to most replacements is gentle and more equivalent to maintenance and repair than overhaul and rebuild. Most replacement procedures involve the removal of damaged areas around the joint and replacement with components that do the same job, but without the pain. Any diseased bone or cartilage is removed during the surgery and once the soreness goes away, movement of the joint becomes as easy as it was before the damage or disease occurred. Once recovery is complete, you should be able to resume tasks you could no longer perform because of the constant joint pain.

Enjoy Elderly Care at Home During Recovery

Receive elderly care at home to help with the following and much more:

· Shopping and Simple Tasks
· Bath and Shower Assistance
· Transportation to Therapy Appointments

The decision to replace joints that have caused the excruciating pain you live with daily will be most valued once you have healed. Until then, companion and professional services that provide assistance with tasks and recovery are a tremendous benefit. This alleviates worry or concern from family and instills confidence in the senior, which allows them to focus on their recovery. If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your loved one during the recovery process, please contact us today!

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