Senior Care Services Can Assist in Disaster Preparation

Senior Care Services Can Assist in Disaster Preparation

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Advancements in technology provides great information and resources that enables the early detection of dangerous disasters. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other dangerous occurrences can be predicted ahead of time. Therefore, areas that are subject to favorable conditions for disasters of this nature can be readily prepared for. Even for the elderly, senior care services available to them is the perfect type of support they need for this type of help.

With the numerous tools and devices that issue early warnings, there is no need for such a large quantity of people to be unprepared, especially the elderly. Proper senior care goes beyond the surface of caring for their physical, mental and emotional health. Attention to their needs in time of disaster in best provided by prepping them before disaster strikes.

Below is a list of precautions to take and items to prepare for early preparation for a potential disaster.

  • Make a list of all important and emergency contacts such as poison control, local fire and emergency medical personnel. Include any numbers necessary for proper senior care. Place the list in a location that will be easily and quickly accessible such as the refrigerator or cupboard door.
  • Get a fireproof container or box and fill it with identification cards, family records, financial records, bank documents, wills, photos of each family member, cash and current medical records. Place copies of insurance and social security cards in the container as well.
  • Maintain copies of prescriptions, medical equipment orders, any information about allergies or specialized medical care. Speak to their pharmacist and doctor about other ways of being prepared.
  • Keep personal items that are utilized daily such as eye glasses, dentures, hearing aids and components, wheelchair batteries, inhalers and oxygen nearby in an easily accessible location.
  • Create a disaster grab-kit, using a backpack, carry case or light suitcase with wheels. Keep it where it can be easily accessed and grabbed without delay. Inside the kit you should put items like water, flashlight with batteries, non-perishable food, face mask, first-aid kit, and moist towelette. If space allows, put a disposable cell phone and charger in there as well.

Once everything is prepared, go over the plan with your senior loved one. Make sure that he or she is aware of where everything is located and how to proceed in case disaster strikes. It is a good idea to discuss this occasionally to keep it fresh on their minds, but especially when there have been warnings issued of possible disaster.

To provide the best senior care possible during times of disaster, plan ahead for any potential threats. If you would like to talk to one of our professionals about how out many senior care services can benefit your loved one, contact us today, or call us directly at (520) 428-1477.

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