Our ‘Total Care’ Philosophy In The World Of Caregiving

Our ‘Total Care’ Philosophy In The World Of Caregiving

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of providing care for hundreds of clients. We’ve received dozens of Thank-you cards, notes, and words of appreciation for the care we have provided loved ones and their families. Most of the time, we are entering our clients’ lives in the moments where they find themselves the most vulnerable and in a place where they no longer can take care of themselves. This presents incredible challenge for the families as well.

That is why we’ve adopted the “Total Care” philosophy that we choose to live by. We don’t limit the care that we provide while in a client’s home. Instead, we focus on doing as much as we possibly can for the client and their family members while we are there. It’s our privilege to not only care for the client but for the entire household – allowing loved ones to rest while things are being taken care of. We seek to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and to always be looking for ways to add value. Providing this much needed care is more than just a job – it’s a calling. We take it seriously and it is our vision that all of our clients would feel that they have been treated above and beyond their expectations.

When Total Care Connections first began, we instituted the following values. They are still the same today and it’s our goal to continue living to advance these for many years to come.


  • The motivation that drives our success is the care we have for our clients


  • We do what we say we will do


  • We strive to conservatively manage our resources to be as effective as possible


  • Providing the best care possible is of the utmost importance


  • We seek to provide the latest solutions and processes to meet the needs of our clients

We are committed to providing “total care” to our clients and families and going above and beyond to make the experience our clients have with TCC the best that it can be.

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