American Heart Month

American Heart Month

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Senior Care in Marana, AZ – American Heart Month

Did you know February is the month for heart health and heart disease awareness? With Valentine’s Day in February, most people see this month associated with the symbol of a heart. February is the time you should show yourself – and your senior parent – some love. Learning about heart disease and strokes can better prepare your entire family to stay healthy.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) includes stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure, is the number one cause of death in the United States. It’s also one of the leading causes of disability, making it harder for families to work and enjoy life.

Learn More about CVD

This disease doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Among seniors age 65 to 74, the numbers of preventable deaths have greatly declined, and women are much more likely to recover than men. Does your senior father or mother have any close relatives with heart disease? If they do, then they are at a higher risk for having CVD. Also, some ethnicities and races are more susceptible to this disease than others. Almost half of seniors who are African American have CVD.

Start better health habits to lower your parent’s risk factors:

·        A good diet

·        Regular exercise

·        Limit or eliminate use of tobacco

·        Lose weight

·        Control high blood pressure and cholesterol

·        Seek treatment for diabetes or avoid getting it

If your parents are at high risk for CVD, there are many things they can do to lessen the risk.  Here are some steps you can take in helping your parent:

·        Even small steps count! Every choice for healthier habits will bring your loved one closer to heart health

·        Find someone your parent’s age to encourage them. Having a “heart health buddy” is a great idea for making a new friend and becoming healthier together

·        Hire senior care services for taking care of daily tasks. Meal planning, hygiene and making appointments will be taken care of so your senior parent can live with less stress. Stress and anxiety are contributors to heart disease.  Fun can really reduce stress – find some other seniors in the area to go on a walk with your loved one, play some games, or eat together to celebrate their efforts.

·        Talk to your parent about getting a better quality sleep. Check that the room isn’t too light or dark, too hot or cold.  

 If you or an aging loved one are considering senior care services near Marana, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Total Care Connections (520) 447-4711. We provide quality Home Care & Assisted Living Placement in Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, and surrounding areas.


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