Dealing with Resistance from Your Loved One

Dealing with Resistance from Your Loved One

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Change is difficult. It is always hard to accept something new and unfamiliar, especially when it feels like a step back. Introducing the idea of home care to your loved one needs to be handled with care. Read below for some tips of how to make the transition easier when your loved one is resisting outside assistance.

  1. Have the Conversation Early

The more involved your loved one can be in the decision making of their senior care the happier they will be. Ask them what there preferences are what they will want to do in the event that additional help is needed.


Dig deeper to find the source of the resistance. Are they nervous about losing their freedom? Do they worry about trusting someone in their home? Are they worried about the financial burden? You can only address these fears if you know what is bothering your loved one. Ask questions and then be patient while you listen to their feelings and concerns.

  1. Suggest a Trial Run

A trial run gives your loved one a chance to experience all the benefits of home care without feeling as if it is the only option. Explain to your loved one that you want to find the best home care provider and the right care for them through a trial run. Through an experimental phase your loved one will see that homecare prolongs independence as it gives them the opportunity to stay in their home as long as possible.

  1. Remain Unified and Positive as a Family

Your loved one will be more willing to take this step if they feel supported. Provide benefits and positive reinforcement. Have disagreements or discussions between family members separately from your loved one so that once a decision is made, they will be encouraged that their family endorses it.

  1. Use Professional Assistance

Whether it is a doctor, a home care provider, or a counselor, sometimes a professional recommendation can hold more value than a family member or friend. Even further, once a home care provider is selected, set up a time for your loved one to meet with the provider to go over what to expect.

If you or an aging loved on are considering caregiving services in the home, please contact our caring staff at Total Care Connections (520) 546-1554. We provide quality Home Care & Assisted Living Placement Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas!

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