Have You Ever Considered the Benefits of Asking Your Senior Loved Questions about Things, or Events that Happened During Their Childhood?

Have You Ever Considered the Benefits of Asking Your Senior Loved Questions about Things, or Events that Happened During Their Childhood?

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Go Back in Time with Senior Care near Catalina Foothills, AZ

“One Senior’s Man admission having difficulty caring for himself”

Mark was having difficulty taking care of himself in his advanced age. He never thought he would rely on others for his basic care. Yet at 86 years of age, widowed and with children living all across the country, he knew it was time to rely on senior care.

One thing Mark noticed as he aged was it was becoming more difficult every year to recollect names, keep track of appointments, and recall things he had done in his youth. He knew his memories were fading and he mentioned this to the senior home service provider working with him.

This individual, a woman named Josie, began to ask him questions about his childhood, young adult years, and the rest of his life. For every question she asked him, she shared something about herself as well. It wasn’t an interrogation but a conversation that he was more than happy to take.

They started this process, this routine, on a once a week basis, but the more he did it with her, the more excited he became for her to return and share even more memories.

The benefits of reminiscing.

There are many benefits to thinking back on events that have happened in our lifetime. First and foremost, it helps to share the story of our life with somebody else. Even if it is a senior care provider, that connection can be incredibly important for a variety of reasons.

Family members may have a vested interest in learning more about their elderly loved ones as well. They might not seem to have time to spend with these older individuals, especially if they are busy with jobs, families, and other obligations, but for the most part they would love to know more about the less talked about stories of their parents, grandparents, and more.

For the elderly individual, remembering things he or she did in the past can promote positive brain health and reduce memory loss, at least to some degree.

Every time you access a memory, it’s providing exercise to the brain. The more memories you access, the more you begin to remember and it has a continually flowing benefit for positive brain health for the senior.

Going back in time may not be possible physically, but when you think back on all of the events that happened in your life, the things you’ve done, and so much more, it can have an incredibly positive impact on senior care.

If you or an aging loved on are considering senior care services in the home, please contact the caring staff at Total Care Connections (520) 447-4711. We provide quality Home Care & Assisted Living Placement Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas!

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