Healthy Eating for Seniors

Healthy Eating for Seniors

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Healthy Eating combined with sleep and exercise is vital to a healthy body. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health and must be monitored closely. Seniors face many challenges when it comes to having a consistent healthy eating schedule. If you or your loved one are facing any of the below challenges, it is important that you reach out for assistance.

Challenges That Seniors Face for Healthy Eating

  1. Convenience – It is much easier to grab a pre-made snack then make one. Unfortunately, most pre-packaged snacks are unhealthy and this is not helping your body. Some easy to prepare items are vegetables, eggs, fruits, yogurt, nuts, and oatmeal.
  1. Eating Alone – When a senior is living on their own there is a smaller desire to cook and keep a schedule. Many times, seniors will snack rather than eating a healthy meal or not eat at all. When possible, family members should be joining their loved one for meal times and can also help with the preparation and clean up.


How to Overcome These Challenges

  1. Make a list for grocery shopping. Even better, bring a friend to the store with you. This helps to stay accountable for only purchasing items that will be of benefit to your health.
  2. Prepare snacks before you are hungry. For example cut apple slices and prewash the vegetables so that when it comes time to eat a meal or snack it doesn’t seem like a hassle.
  3. Shop the perimeter. When going to the store, try to stick to only the outside perimeter. With a few exceptions, the fresher and healthy foods are found here.
  4. Enjoy variety. Trying new things can make eating healthy much more enjoyable.
  5. Clean out the refrigerator. Not only does this make ingredients easier to access but it prevents old food from getting moldy or breeding food-borne illness.

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