Helpful Travel Tips – Holidays are Just Around the Corner

Helpful Travel Tips – Holidays are Just Around the Corner

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Elderly Care Considerations for Tucson, AZ

Traveling with elderly patients may require a significant level of patience. Depending on the physical as well as the mental health of the elderly individual, it may be necessary to plan things more thoroughly before heading out on a trip.

Travel tips for the car.

For any elder care provider who plans on traveling with the patient in a car, there are certain things to consider.

  1. Determine how long the car ride will be.

The longer a car ride is, the more likely you will have to stop to use restroom facilities along the way. You also need to consider that incontinence may be an issue for the patient. Even if they wear adult diapers, it can become uncomfortable if they have an incontinence issue.

You also want to consider eating on this trip. Eating in the car may be problematic for some seniors.

  1. Comfort.

The longer that a person spends sitting in one place, the more it can affect their joints. If the elderly individual suffers from arthritis, this can be significantly problematic for them. Make sure that you plan several stops along the way so that the elderly individual can get out and stretch.

  1. Entertainment.

The longer that you spend in the car, the more difficult it will be to keep passengers entertained. Some people are unable to read in a car while it is moving. Others may prefer to play various games, such as being the first to find certain objects or the alphabet game.

Tips for air travel.

When it comes to the elder care provider who may be assisting the patient with travel by airplane, below are a few tips that can help make the trip smoother.

  1. Call ahead to determine any accommodations that can be made for the elderly patient.

Some airlines provide various services for their older patients who require extra assistance. This could include early boarding or getting a cart to drive them through the airport terminal to where their plane will board.

  1. Choose comfortable seating.

If the elderly individual will need to get up and use the facilities during the flight, you want to make sure that they are seated in and I’ll seat. This will make it easier for them to get up and move to the restroom.

  1. Proper transportation once they arrive.

Once the individual arrives at the destination, you want to make sure that they have transportation waiting for them. If you are the elder care provider and will be traveling with them, you may be renting a car. Call ahead to make sure that the vehicle is ready and waiting for you so that the patient doesn’t have to sit in the airport longer than he or she has to.

  1. Consider carry-on bags only.

When you check bags, you will have to wait for them to be removed from the plane and to collect them. If you can fit everything into a small carry-on bag, this may be more practical for the elderly individual.

However, if they struggle with getting their luggage to the plane, checking the bags may be the better option.

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