How To Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Home Care Company in Arizona

How To Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Home Care Company in Arizona

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The difficult task of caring for an aging loved one often happens without warning leaving you and your family with not a lot of time to prepare. You ultimately may learn that you can’t do it all!  Here is a newsflash… you and your family are not alone!

It may be time to hire a caregiver to help care for your loved one.  There’s nothing more important than finding a caregiver who will be loving and care for your loved one just as you would.  It may be unsettling to have someone new come into their home, so you can protect yourself and your loved one by avoiding these 3 mistakes:


(1) Putting It Off

We courage families not to hesitate to hire a caregiver because, often times, this is the best solution for allowing seniors to age in place at home, while ensuring they are not further jeopardizing their health. The family caregivers are often consumed with their own responsibilities but do not want their loved ones to go without care. This sometimes leads to adverse feelings as the family is trying to prepare the best path for their aging loved one’s comfort and safety. Hiring a caregiver will alleviate this stress or any feeling of guilt.


(2) Not Vetting The Agency First

Although most caregivers are honest, hard-working, compassionate professionals, it is always best to choose a professional agency that is fully licensed and insured. Total Care Connections ensures that every team member is trained and certified to work as a care professional, and all team members are required to successfully complete ongoing education.  Additionally, a 10-year background check is completed to and eliminate any applicant with a felony record.  On-going monthly background verifications are also performed.


(3) Paying A Private Caregiver “Under The Table”

It may be tempting to hire an independent caregiver or one that does not work for an agency because of cost savings. Doing so may leave you in violation of IRS laws if the appropriate taxes are not filed and paid.  As mentioned above, reputable agencies are bonded and insured, protecting you from liability and theft.  These agencies also provide supervision, background checks, and back-up coverage for when the regular caregiver is not available.


Making the decisions about how to care for your aging loved one is stressful and confusing. Hopefully, reading this will ease your mind a bit and help you make the best choice for you and your family.  At Total Care Connections, we have been serving families across Arizona for over 11 years.  We know that you deserve the best when it comes to the ones that you love.  And that is what your get when you choose Total Care Connections.

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