Do You Know How Important It Is to Take Care Of Yourself if You are Providing Care to an Elderly Family Member? Learn Why It Is Necessary to Take Time for Yourself.

Do You Know How Important It Is to Take Care Of Yourself if You are Providing Care to an Elderly Family Member? Learn Why It Is Necessary to Take Time for Yourself.

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Caregivers near San Manuel, AZ – Taking Time for Yourself

When you are giving care to a family member, no matter what type or how often, you are considered a caregiver. It may not seem like you are, especially if you do many other things as well like work full-time and have a family at home, but if you are providing care to an elderly family member who needs help, you are being a caregiver. It seems natural. It’s something you want to do.

But when you realize one day it’s wearing you out, you need to do something different. Your elderly loved one will continue to need more and more care as the days go by. The amount of care required always increases; it never decreases.

It’s easy to put your own needs and feelings in the background when caring for someone else. But taking care of yourself is always essential. You can’t continue doing anything for anyone else if you don’t meet your own needs first. You need to eat healthy every day, participate in regular exercise, have some free time, socialize with friends, and not be rushed from one chore to another day after day.

Understanding your feelings

You may sometimes feel sadness or anger even though you feel satisfied in helping them. It’s okay to have these feelings; there is no right or wrong way to feel. Helping someone else may mean a different thing to different people. Sometimes family caregivers feel grief, loneliness or guilt. Try and identify what is causing each feeling and see if you need to make any changes. Talk to a spiritual leader, friend or professional. Your doctor may also be able to help you.

Ask others for help

You don’t have to do this alone. Family and friends can all carry a small portion of the caregiving load, making it significantly lighter for you. Only take as much as you can manage easily without becoming burned out.

Remember there are great agencies providing home care to help out in exactly your situation. Hiring a professional caregiver for your aging parent is perhaps the smartest thing you could possibly do. Having someone take over the caregiving duties frees up your time to spend quality time with your aging loved one. She will feel much better as well, knowing she isn’t being a burden to you.

Things you can do for yourself

Taking time for yourself can help you be a better caregiver. That’s even truer if you have health problems. You may want to:

  • Find nice things you can do for yourself such as call a friend or work on a hobby.
  • Be active through light exercise, dancing or playing with kids or pets.
  • Finding ways to connect with your friends. Can you get together for a visit?
  • Make sure you have plenty of time off. Do something for yourself each day. Don’t neglect yourself. You can read more at

If you or an aging loved on are considering caregiving services in the home, please contact the caring staff at Total Care Connections (520) 447-4711. We provide quality Home Care & Assisted Living Placement Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas!

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