Learn Here How To Start Building Your Support Network as A Caregiver

Learn Here How To Start Building Your Support Network as A Caregiver

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Four Steps to Developing a Caregiver Support Network near Flowing Wells, AZ

Having the right level of support can be important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, when you have support, you have somewhere to turn when questions arise. You also can vent frustrations, regardless of what they are, and know that other people understand just what you’re dealing with. As a caregiver, it is a great idea to learn to develop your own support system.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to rely on family, friends, or other home care providers in the area (or online), a support network can be anyone you want, as long as they will be there for you when you need them. Having a support network where you’re basically the only one reaching out and offering guidance or understanding to others is not the idea.

Below are four steps that you can use to develop your caregiver support network.

  1. Determine who, if any, family or friends would be there for you. It’s great to have people who care about you, but if they don’t have experience as home care providers or the willingness to listen to your issues that arise, they shouldn’t be part of your ‘network.’
  2. Seek out any groups or organizations in the area. The Internet can provide a wealth of resources to help you find the optimal support network. Meetup.com and even Facebook or other social media sites can put you in contact with numerous home care providers within your geographical area.

Try to avoid getting connected with people who don’t live anywhere near you (at first). Doing so will only provide a virtual level of support.

  1. Connect with phone numbers and email. What good is connecting with people you can’t talk to? Not much. Be sure that the home care providers you get in touch with are willing to stay connected either by phone or email. Texting can provide some comfort, especially when you’re having a bad day, are frustrated, and just need a break.
  2. Evaluate your list and adjust and grow it as needed. Basically, all you really need are a few good, solid, reliable people in your support network. Having 100 ‘friends’ whom you don’t really know is going to be less useful than having three really good, reliable people on whom you can count.

When you follow these four simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to building the optimal support network you need as a caregiver in today’s world.

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