Learn Ways to Help a Patient that Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

Learn Ways to Help a Patient that Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

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One Woman’s Decision to Try and Beat Back Cancer with the Help of Elder Care in Oro Valley, AZ

Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer more than three months ago. During that time, she was considering all of her options. Being 73 years old, she didn’t think it was worth it to fight the cancer at this point. However, there were so many things that she still wanted to do. She just didn’t believe that she could successfully beat back cancer alone. That’s when one of her best friends suggested that she hire elder care.

Elderly health care, through experienced care providers, can provide a great support system for somebody fighting cancer. There are numerous things that home care for the elderly can do for a patient while they are fighting this devastating disease.

One of the most important things that elderly health care can provide is support. A person who is going through radiation or chemotherapy will need a significant amount of emotional as well as physical support. While radiation isn’t necessarily the most devastating aspect of treatment, chemotherapy can leave a person feeling nauseous, rundown, and exhausted. It is during these chemotherapy sessions, and a period of time afterwards, that a person will need the most support possible.

Another thing that elderly health care providers can do for the cancer patient is to encourage him or her to eat a healthy diet. Even while battling cancer, the foods that we consume can have a direct impact on the success of the treatments. Certain foods can help strengthen and boost the immune system, which could be effective in fighting cancer.

Finally, home care for the elderly would be able to support the individual with whatever they required while they were battling this potentially fatal disease. When the elderly individual is receiving radiation or chemotherapy, or shortly after surgery if that was an option, they may be weak and could require assistance getting out of bed, eating, bathing, and with basic toileting as well.

Having somebody working with them at home can be important to ensure their safety. The last thing anybody wants when battling cancer is to become injured due to a fall or to not be able to get to the bathroom in time.

Elizabeth hired elder care once she was committed to fighting back cancer. Within a few months, her T-cell count and other signs, were indicating that she was actually beating back the cancer and this encouraged her to keep going. She doesn’t think that she could have done it without the support of elderly health care providers.

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