Eat Healthy and Lower Cholesterol Levels through Proper Home Care

Eat Healthy and Lower Cholesterol Levels through Proper Home Care

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Flowing Wells, AZ – Eat Healthy and Lower Cholesterol Levels through Proper Home Care

A lot of attention has been paid to cholesterol levels through the years. Having healthy cholesterol levels is a combination of reducing LDL, or bad cholesterol, and elevating HDL, or good cholesterol. There are many ways to go
about doing this very important health benefit, and an experienced home care provider for an elderly client could be able to assist with this in an effective manner.

Understanding cholesterol levels and how important they are to focus on depends on numerous factors. The most important has to do with any other health related risk factors, including heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. On average, cholesterol levels (the LDL) should be under 100 mg/dL for any individual with few or no heart disease risk factors.

Beginning the journey to lowering cholesterol levels.

Arguably the most important first step in getting control of somebody’s cholesterol levels is first knowing what they happen to be. If the elderly client has not visited with his or her doctor in a long time, they should make an appointment to have their cholesterol levels tested. This will give them a starting point to determine whether there LDL levels are too high or if the HDL levels are too low.

Next, it’s essential to cut out some serious bad habits from their life, if they have any. For example, smoking is one of the most important habits to quit regardless of age. Quitting smoking can have a direct impact on cholesterol levels, both good and bad. For somebody who is in their late 60s, 70s, or even their 80s and has been smoking most of life this could be a seemingly impossible task, but with an experienced in-home care service provider working with them on a daily basis, encouraging exercise and other activities, and giving them the emotional support and encouragement they need, it’s possible.

Changing their diet is the next step in this process. Avoiding saturated fats and other foods that are notoriously bad for cholesterol levels should be the first priority. Most people have a tendency to think their food will suddenly be bland and boring if they begin cutting out that cholesterol, but with so many delectable recipes on the market that promote heart health and low cholesterol, an experienced caregiver would be able to find a wide range of foods and recipes that will help them eat healthy and lower those cholesterol levels.

When hiring a home care provider, find out what kind of knowledge and experience they have with regard to healthy eating. Even if that caregiver isn’t responsible for preparing meals, they could share information that may be incredibly beneficial for the elderly client.

If you or an aging loved on are considering home care services in the home or in an assisted living community, please contact our caring staff at Total Care Connections (520) 546-1554. We provide quality Home Care & Assisted Living Placement Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas!

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