Making The Most Of Visits To The Doctor

Making The Most Of Visits To The Doctor

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As your loved one increases in age, the number of doctor’s visits increases as well. Part of your responsibility as the caregiver is to make sure that those visits are as beneficial as possible. Being prepared and communicating well with medical staff can make a life-changing difference for elderly care.

Be Prepared

Whether it is a routine check up or for a specific reason, take some time to think through what questions you may want to ask. Write those questions down.

Have information organized beforehand. Keep insurance cards, phone numbers, and policy numbers in a set place so that there is no stress the day of the visit. Also, keep a list of medications currently being used for easy reference.

When learning about future care, bring any aids to make sure that the patient can get the best experience from the visit. This means hearing aids, glasses, wheel chairs, etc. If a patient normally needs a hearing aid to hear well, make sure that their aids are working correctly so that they can hear to the best of their ability.

Communicate with the Doctor

Be honest with the doctor about the patient’s habits, abilities, and general health. Open communication is vital to a proper diagnosis. Ask questions, discuss risks and benefits, and ask about long-term plans as well as short-term. Learn about any medications prescribed and clarify that you understand the details. Ask for any special instructions such as whether or not to eat before or while taking the medications.

When Possible, Bring Extra Ears

This is especially true for appointments regarding future treatment plans for elderly care. It is important that the patient as well as the caregiver understand fully what changes will be made and any affects this may have on daily living.

It will not always be necessary for the caregiver to accompany the patient to their doctor’s visits, but by helping the patient to be prepared and to communicate well, you will ensure that they are getting the most out of their visits. If you can be there as well it is an added bonus!

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