When is a Person Considered “Homebound” when relying on Senior Care?

When is a Person Considered “Homebound” when relying on Senior Care?

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The term “homebound” can mean many different things to many different people. Some people incorrectly assume that when an elderly individual loses their ability to drive a car, they become homebound. That is simply not true. Just because somebody may require some form of senior care at home, that also doesn’t automatically designate him or her as being homebound.

In most cases, when you hear the term homebound, it is referring to somebody who has extreme difficulty getting out and going to stores, appointments, or anywhere else. Somebody who is in a wheelchair is not considered homebound as long as he or she has the ability to get around.

It is far too easy to assume that a loved one who is in their late 70s, 80s, or even their 90s, and can no longer drive, requires the assistance of a walker or is in a wheelchair, is in some form homebound. They are not, unless it requires a significant amount of assistance for them to get out of the house.

A person who is relegated to spending the majority of their time in bed, either due to paralysis or some other medical condition, such as a coma or other situation, would more likely be considered homebound.

Why does this term matter with regard to senior care?

Certain insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid, or other financial considerations may take into account the term homebound. For example, an insurance provider may cover some services, such as senior home services, in the event that an elderly patient is considered or classified as homebound. If this is a situation that you find yourself in and are trying to determine whether your loved one is considered homebound or not, it is best to speak to his or her doctor directly to find out what they may classify them as being.

If your loved one spends the majority of his or her time inside their house, and you feel that they may require some type a senior care assistance at home, if they have the ability to get out, such as if you went over and picked them up to take them to the mall, to go shopping, or to go see their doctor, then they might not be considered homebound in a technical or legal definition of the term.

It is a subjective term, but it might be important for you and your family to understand with regard to senior care. If it is an important distinction to make, speak to your loved one’s doctor and determine whether he or she is technically considered homebound.

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