Drinking Water Provides Health Benefits for Seniors

Drinking Water Provides Health Benefits for Seniors

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It is no secret that drinking water is an essential part of our diets, but do we know the reasons behind this theory? Here are 5 reasons why drinking water is vital to our overall health and should not be overlooked:

1.Creates balance for body fluids.
Approximately sixty percent of the human body is made up of water. We naturally lose this fluid every day by sweating, going to the bathroom, and even breathing. By drinking water we are balancing the fluid intake and protecting our bodies from dehydration.

2.Protects your kidneys.
Kidneys are used to remove waste from the body and to filter what goes into our bodies. If the kidneys cannot function properly, organs begin to fail and bacteria can begin to build up.

3.Gives you more energy.
Water is necessary for osmosis. This helps balance the nutrients your cells need to function properly. A decrease in water intake will decrease your energy level and can contribute to a struggle to focus and even depression.

4.Assists in the overall control of calorie intake.
While water is not a substance that causes you to lose weight, it is many times advised to drink water to control calorie intake. By substituting a higher calorie drink with a glass of water you are choosing a healthier option.

5.Reduces the risk of “Muscle Fatigue”.
In the case of dehydration, blood volume drops, causing the heart and other muscles to work harder. Water also helps to maintain salt levels and when there is an imbalance of salts in our blood, muscles become tired and can begin to fail.

Are you getting enough water? Here are some tips to drinking more water…

1. Carry water with you.
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Choose water with your meals.
4. Make it a morning habit.
5. Set reminders for yourself.
6. Keep track of how much water you are drinking.

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